Youtube Playlist UX wishlist

Who’s the User

I like to organise information in playlists, or tags. It allows me to contain narrowly scoped projects.

If I’m studying a new language, I create a playlist with all the useful resources I find out over time

Over time, you could potentially build up to hundreds of playlists, each acting as an atomic pocket of information. It’s essential to be able to manage & prune these playlists easily.

User Story #1 - Dedicated Playlists URL

much like the watchlater playlist, subscriptions feed, & history feed, it’d be nice to have a dedicated top level page, that shows all your playlists.


  • This will act as the main entry point for managing your playlist collection.
  • Presents an alternative way to browse a curated feed, one that you have full control over.
  • Minimises distractions, because in this space, you aren’t really in curation mode, you’re choosing from a library of trusted history, your own taste, experience, and curiosity.

User Story #2 - Bulk Editing of a playlist

Select multiple videos in a playlist &:

  • delete
  • add to another playlist


  • Makes it easy to keep your playlists pruned

User Story #3 - Filter by creator

It would be nice to pop into a playlist and say “hm, show me all the videos from darknet diaries”


  • Useful in those massive, top level playlists. Like ‘Software Architecture’ is the kind of playlist that can have up to hundreds of videos

Checked out what creator studio is doing

While writing this, I realised you can also manage playlists from here. This is probably the perfect place to put these product capabilities I’m describing

But at the same time, treating playlists as a first class citizen in the main youtube app would be nice. But alas, youtube likely isn’t incentivized to do this, lol.