Writing End to End Tests

this is a continuation of dataecho retro.

it’s been nice to sit back and reflect on the freelance experience this year.

writing end to end tests can save you time at the end of a project

sigma & syntaxfm have definitely played a big role highlighting the importance of end to end testing for your applications. it’s the professional thing to do.

you aren’t bound to the slow feedback on UI from the client. you’ve got proof & confidence that your work meets the acceptance criteria of the project.

like right now, feedback has been very unstructured, and for sure, they’re all bugs I have to address. you ultimately can’t control your client, without risking creating a hostile environment. so it’s better to give the client one less responsibility.


  • to factor in time taken writing tests with each component/user flow, gotta charge more
    • figure start figuring out how long tests take me to write in general.
    • this could also mean investing in a component library with a flexible API

that means my next client will get a project with tests from from the onset. 👍🏾

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