My Week In Music #7

Curated Albums

Datassette - Zetex

this album is perfect. Gonna be listening for many years to come

I listened to this album at least 10 times, from start to finish. baffles me how I overlooked it when it released last September, considering how big a Datassette fan I am.

While you’re here, you might want to check out another Datassette project I really love, a little website called

Highlighted tracks

  • Comfort Noise B - lovely blend of deep & high pitched noises, while maintaining a smooth touch to the track throughout. Nice rhythm too.
  • Let’s Move to Belgium - An ambient take to a song that released just before the album, Tanz Mit Mir. A track that’s been on rotation since release! It’s fun to get a dance floor & lounge version of a track :)
  • Compound Eyes B - Glitches done just the way I like ‘em. Sounds like a never ending tension build & release
  • Crystal Drool - Yet another track with pleasant timbre

Xyla - Ways

Another absolute banger shared by Adrian🙌🏾

The opening track, Shoot, sets the tone just right. Feel confidently continues with the chill note.

Gotta be honest, I didn’t think much of the first half of this album until today, when I decided to give it a full playback whilst writing.

Track #4, Cold, is where this album captured my attention, the first time I listened to it - the sudden change in energy was intoxicating! The track just before it, Now, is full on ambient. Range, contrast, she does it well!

Every track after that manages to make me dance, without fail.

Narcisuss opening chords remind me of a popular hip hop beat I’ve been failing to find😅

Curated Tracks

Starting with a throwback, alternative pop sounds from Arlo Parks. An artist I always play whenever the lyrics or beats randomly pop into my head.

Another throwback, Can’t Open My My Eyez by A-Reece.