My Week in Music #6


Move D

Really been enjoying listening to this dude. Check out his stuff here.

He also features in Goosebumps mix #32

Puma Blue

I really like what Puma Blue is doing over at Worldwide FM. I like the format of “Imma just hang out & play you some music I like”

Trying out biweekly mix uploads

I want to try stick to releasing mixes every other Sunday, at the very least. This week, I recorded goosebumps mix #32.

Dub Monitor Interview 01

Always a good Sunday when Taylor uploads. This interview was packed with wisdom. Looking forward to going through Uun’s music. Also, the way he describes the kind of dreams he experiences, literally my life. Was weird to hear someone else express it, but also really cool to hear it put to words

Ronny Pries talk - What makes a great DJ

A must watch for any DJ. Love the values shared in this.

Discover quickly playlist from a few weeks ago

I use discover quickly to help with curating efforts. (here are other 3rd party Spotify tools I use).

Anyway, back to the point, I had a playlist in there that I hadn’t exported to Spotify yet, did so yesterday, and I quite liked it.

Albums I Enjoyed

John Tejada - Sleepwalker

John Tejada’s latest release Sleepwalker was fun to listen to.

Ways by Xyla

Adrian always shares dope shit, he recently put me on Ways by Xyla. Love the drums in that album. Future classic for me

Echoes of sweaty rave anthems and classic IDM head trips can be heard strewn throughout Ways’ serpentine compositions, awash in deep ambient swirls and intriguingly twisted samples.

Birds on the dancefloor

This one been on repeat for a few weeks now;)

Highlighted track(s)

Muslimgauze - The gulf between us

1997 release that still sounds no more than a day old. Nice blend of dub and tribal elements. I found it in this playlist that Ronny shared

The end of Noisia

I’m yet to listen to the full album


Just seen someone describe datassette music as ambient glitch electronica, lol. Quite an accurate one tbh

Shameless plug

Here’s a note I updated, it’s titled “Using Contrast in a DJ mix”