Playlist: Wake Up and Go-Go!

My wake up playlist is filled with a mixture of uplifting, awe inspiring and at its worst, a song that expresses my desperate need for connection; not only a connection to other human beings but also to the grand planner, the cosmical hand that placed us in our people’s paths.

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The roller coaster playlist works for me as I awake to my many, many emotions and recently I realised that in there is a mix of existential dread and I had to combat some of those feels by being mindful of the music that I listen to, especially in the morning. The beginning of the day can be the best time to get your mind right to tackle the day and people.

Now to breakdown the vibey tunes that get me right.

Tinko Tinko – Obongjayar

From the get go, when the beat comes in, you should already be in a good mood, the bass thumping with the “Tinko, Tinko” and then the lyrics:

Don’t play me for a fool

I’d rather be alone than be next to someone

Who don’t feel like I do

Are we in love or are we just comfortable?

In a very aggressive way, I think this is a message to the day, do not take me for a poes.

Say Yes - Gaidaa ft Joshua

This chill mellow chant tune conjures up my willingness to submit to the great planner, bending to their will as I move to places and situations that have consistently grown me, even when I made decisions that were detrimental. My waking up, my lungs breathing air and my legs allowing me to be mobile, my capabilities to choose anew and be led.

When Will I see you Again – Shakka

No lie here, this tune has me by the throat like my ex does, so yes, I am making plans to see my ex again, but not in that way. It’s all super chill, loving on each other, best friend now because you know all my secrets and stay being a great ego boost, in a very beautiful way. Who says all breakups are brutal and ugly?

Good days - SZA

This song sounds like honey flavoured tea in the sunshine or like beach day with the squad and loved ones. A golden moment that we all want to have, nothing matters beyond that moment, present and fulfilled, that has made all the crappy days worth it.

Point and Kill - Little Sims feat Obongjayar

You can always get what you want, put your mind to it and nothing can stop you.

The King’s Affirmation – Iniko

A full on mantra about becoming the greatest you can be.

About damn time - Lizzo

The joy this song exudes, is the reason why it has so many tiktoks and is probably gonna be a winter banger for us.

Finesse - Pheelz & BNXN fka Buju

We can’t win capitalism game every time, so to console myself with the lyric;

Ahh, finesse (ge ge ti)

If I broke na my business (ye ye)

Ama shana e go bright o (ge ge ti)

Folake for the night o (ge ge ti) (yeah

Exactly what he said!

Shine - Robert Glasper feat. D Smoke & Tiffany Gouche

This song is one of the gems in Black Radio III, as an African we take for granted how we are the majority race, how our cultures are not supressed and how on a daily basis, turning on the tv and listening to the radio, I hear and see our stories. We were made to shine regardless of the bullshit racism and other micro and macro aggressions we encounter, I hope we all find the places we shine. As dark as we are, we absorb the warmth of the sun way more, we have more warmth and love to give, always.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears

One of the few songs that I think is perfect in almost every way, from the lyrics to the sound, the capsulation of how we as humans want control that to some degree we become neurotic. In the midst of all of this all I can do is accept that and work on the things I can control

check out Lalah Hathaway’s version on Black Radio III

Foreign Things - Amber Mark

Because we live in a capitalist society, I need to remind myself that I like “nice things” and I am on my way to work for them!

Shake it Out – Florence + the Machine

A DEPRESSION GET THEE BEHIND ME BANGER. I found this song in 2012 and it has stood the test of time and has got me through a lot, a lot of emotions and a lot of work.

Wade in the Water (Live) – The Spirituals

A beautiful hymn that reminds me that, I have not only the creator behind me but a rich history and ancestors that cheer me on even on my worst days. One step at a time.

Mtakababa – Msaki

This is one of my mother’s faves and I’d be damned not to listen to it as I reminisce about us drinking in the kitchen as we stress over what to cook (because my sister is in another city and is the ONLY appointed chef, so when she is not there, we will sleep on bellies full of noodles and eggs)

Wake me up before you go-go - wham!

Ending with this song was perfect because of the full circle moment of admitting, “I am a simp” and spending as much time with my baby brings me joy, even though the first song was all about respecting yourself not to stay in a relationship that is not mutually beneficial. Fact, if you are a simp, find another simp, the pouring into each other is beautiful.

I cannot help it, anytime it plays, the infectious hook gets me in all sorts of a happy mood and I can deal with tasks at hand and in this case, lifing.

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