Understanding Sagas

  • my first encounter with sagas was via Redux. this tutorial was a lovely intro. But when the term Sagas started being used as a way to think of how the architecture of a new ecosystem of products would be structured/built, I knew I had to dive deeper into finding out what a saga is really.

  • was good to get exposed to the thinking of choreography vs orchestration

  • links & videos will be on Redux sagas, & sagas as an architecture pattern for microservices & managing distributed transactions.

  • def: a transaction is a set of operations that is ‘all or nothing’ - meaning either all of the operations are executed/applied, or none of them are. explained better by these SQL docs.

    • I also linked to a video on ACID transactions - intro to DBs refresher 😉

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architecture pattern

  • this one is highly recommended, probably the best resource I’ve found so far. by Chris Richardson