Playlist: Type Beats

This is playlist #2 from a friend, check out the first one from Sindiso!

Words & Curation by Rodwell

I have gotten in to a habit of listening to “type” beats, which are songs made by producers to mimick popular artists type of songs in order to get fan attraction and also to sell their beats to up coming or established artists.

I got into them with a friend, we like making up out own freestlye on the fly raps to any song as long as the beat is fire.

So they are mostly hip hop/trap/rnb songs

first batch composes of some slow bass led songs that I like playing when I am feeling down…

Next batch is by a guy who makes mellowful bass guitar/piano chords if there is such a thing, haha

- I dig this

And then lastly, there are some tracks that are sampled from earlier music that may have been either jazz, blues, or motown genre

these types are extra fun to freestlye over

- oof! what a strong closing track


I had a hard time choosing these picks but hopefully you can get a look into the window of type beats that make up my world. Captain Roddy Out!

Editorial note

If you enjoyed these tunes, you’re in luck my friend, there’s a lot more similar stuff to share.

Starting with FlyloFM, a radio from GTA V, hosted by Flying Lotus, featuring alternative hip hop, and dance music,

Next up, I also put together a “type beats” playlist over on youtube, it’s a short and sweet one.

Next up, there’s some artists that I’d like to draw your attention to, that are of a similar nature. Definitely recommend you explore their sounds

Some Spotify playlists

from Adrian