Tracks From Dub Monitor Spotify vs Tidal Video

A large portion of the techno I listen to is influenced by Taylor's curation, you may find something you like too, fellow techno head.

the video

Echospace - The Coldest Season

Plastikman, Richie Hawtin - Consumed

first listen, opening track sounds strong. calm, long running, & deep pulse.

Robert Hood - Internal Empire

quickly sampled a few tracks, sounds glitchy, & fast, slightly hardcore too. definitely worth a full listen, maybe while working out.

Sandwell District - Feed Forward

a classic, in my eyes. my favourites include Immolare, SVAR - Graz Version, Immolare - Studio, and of course Grey Cut Out. the sound engineering in Sandwell District’s work is incredible.

Efdemin - Decay

Subatomic sounds nice, definitely giving the full album a listen. sounds suitable to play during work hours too.

Mathimidori - Akebono

not the most solid first impression(quickly changed when I sampled two more tracks), but can be sampled in full when working. very dub technoey, Shao sounds cool for sure. opening track has a nice thud to it.

Chris Liebing - Auf und… Remixed

Regis - Penetration

Surgeon - Balance

surprisingly has Deadmau5/testpilot vibes.

bonus Surgeon from my liked tracks

Erika - Hexagon Cloud

Gardeners sounds totally club friendly🙌

Varg - Nordic Flora Series, Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City

Bonus playlist - Negative Space

[playlist, work-friendly]

spotify curated ambient dub techno playlist.

Shifted - Crossed Paths

[album work-friendly]

I feel like an older video has had me check out this track before 🤔 Colour Of the Fall sounds nice.

Talker - Battle Standards


Answer Code Request - Gens


digging the vibe from Sphera


[Album, kinda Ambient]

this album has been on my to listen list for a few weeks now, I better dig in soon..

Skee Mask - Compro

[Album, dnb]

another classic in my eyes😍I’m pretty sure BOP introduced me to Skee Mask

Umfang - OK

[Album, lofi-influences]

six sounds thumpy & club ready

Headless Horsemen - Inhabited Shadows

[Album, dark]

has some witch-house like sounds, and some dnb too? sounds trippy though, I’d definitely recommend a 100% sober mind when sampling this🤣

  • I actually might find more dnb friendly tracks here..
  • Dream Denier 🤯appropriate for a workout playlist

Anastasia Kristensen - Volshebno


Voice Within is a lovely track.

Araceae - Lunae Semita

[Album, Ambient, Dub]

definitely appropriate for playback when doing focused work. lots of ambient sounds.

Szare - Volya


Action Five is dope

Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji

[Album, Acid]

another album I’ve been meaning to get to. Oh My God sounds like it’d be a good opening track to a techno mix…

The Tuss - Rushup Edge

The man, the myth, the legend

MATRiXXMAN - Homesick


Earth Like Conditions sounds like another solid intro track. might be a well rounded techno album.

Xhin - Sword


Foreshadowed 🙌some tracks don’t even need a second listen for me to hit the like button. kinda reminds me of ASC.

Model 500 - Deep Space


Astralwerks sounds nice

Biosphere - Microgravity

[Album, 1991]

Hobo - Iron Triangle

[Album, 2012]

Blackwell is a strong opening track, sets a solid first impression.

the end

more than enough techno for weeks on end, enjoy🎆