TIL Some Markdown

text decoration

  • you can use underscore _ for bold & italics


  • if you just have a link like https://goosebumps.co.zw, angle brackets < > wrapped around the link can make it clickable.

the second parameter after the link is a title

you can do this

  • this is a more variable like format


ordered lists

the numbers used on your ordered list don’t actually have to be incremental.

  1. hey
  2. still 1
  3. another one
  4. this is a two
  5. this is a 92

code blocks


var x = 100
- var y = 200
+ var y = 201


heading one heading 2
row 1 column 2 - center aligned
row 2 - left aligned column 2

cloud firestore

trying to change Cloud Firestore rules from Brave Browser will result in error Error saving rules - An unknown error occurred. Using chrome fixes this error