TIL 5-16-21

🔥Debugging tip

You can console.log() multiple variables as an object, to get them to be logged with the keys, easier to just illustrate.

console.log( data, loading, error ) will log the following:

Object false undefined

where console.log({ data, loading, error }) will log:

{data: {...}, loading: false, error: undefined}

Keystone/Graphql dynamic query

const SINGLE_ITEM_QUERY = gql`
  query SINGLE_ITEM_QUERY($id: ID!) {
    Product(where: { id: $id }) {

export default function SingleProduct({ id }) {
  const { data, loading, error } = useQuery(SINGLE_ITEM_QUERY, {
    variables: { id },

The id used here comes from a dynamic page query in nextJS, as seen on this file.

	pathname: 'update',
	query: {
	  id: product.id,

the code above gives you this url when you click the <Link/>: http://localhost:7777/update?id=609239780bc90633f08d8929