Podcast Notes: Building A Second Brain

bits about building a second brain I've found useful from Tiago.


Mini podcast series, with short & digestable insights on the 10 principles of building a second brain. it’s approx' 10 minutes per episode.

There’s also a second season, going over some myths about building a second brain.

the principles

  1. Borrowed creativity
  2. The capture habit
  3. Idea recycling
  4. Projects over categories
  5. Slow burns: stop completing your work via “heavy lifts”
  6. Start with abundance. I feel this one is closely related to slow burns
  7. Intermediate packets: making small contained & digestible units of work that can be re-used/transformed in the future.
  8. You only know what you make: don’t just passively learn, put to action what you’re learning
  9. Make things easier for your future self (Progressive summarization)
  10. Keep your ideas moving


Progressive Summarization

“How do I make what I’m consuming right now easily discoverable for my future self?”

src: Progressive Summarization

  • the idea is that you add a little bit of value each time you touch a note.


Sorted in order of most actionable, to least actionable stuff.

  • Project: a series of tasks linked to a goal, with a deadline
    • examples right now: Go, project alligator, DIFTK, Sigma
    • finite mindset (as taught by Simon Sinek)
  • Area: a sphere of activity with a standard to be maintained over time
    • examples right now: Leadership & management, software architecture, career strategy
    • infinite mindset (as taught by Simon Sinek)
  • Resource: A topic or theme of ongoing interest
  • Archive: Inactive items from the other 3 categories. this is where shit goes to die😂forgetting is not a bad thing, it liberates the mind.

Access the results of your past thinking

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