Cool story about how I found this album.

Rodwell & I used to do DJ practice sessions together (some of my most memorable B2B sets were with this dude), and the one day he played a track off this album & the sound instantly caught my attention. I remember I kept asking for track after track, & eventually just got the whole album, lol.

This was a very pivotal time in my curation efforts, as this album & Stimming introduced me to a completely different world of house and techno.

This album is an essential for anyone who enjoys Stimming’s sound, and will always be dear to me. Good times:)


I listened to a podcast that interviewed Stimming a few days ago, so he’s still fresh in memory as I write this. In the episode, they dive into some interesting topics.

Our consumption patterns have made a the full album release a lot less financially viable

There’s limited incentive to do so now. The work you put in vs the reward don’t make sense.


Because streaming platforms pay per stream is so shit, you need wicked volumes for the income to make a dent, & one of the most effective ways to get those volumes is by getting your tracks onto the editorial playlists with massive audiences.

Playlisters are not going to listen to a full album, who has that time? Singles as a result, become the focus.

Also notice how before an album is released, artists will release singles from the album, week after week, sometimes even releasing up to half of a 12 track album as singles, then the full album is released after that.