Start With Abundance


Over the last 2+ years, I’ve been curating music, keeping in mind that I’d be DJ’ing some of that music at a point in the future. Well, that time is now, & I’ve been DJ’ing again for a few weeks now.

I’ve got approximately over over 100 ‘actively’ maintained playlists, and the way a lot of those playlists are themed/structed/curated, is with the intention of preparing for a mix, examples include:

Portable sunsets

This playlist alone, can give me at least 5 mixes.

speedy dubs

minimal dnb

Lots of ‘projects’ to choose from

All these playlists are tunes that can be converted to a well curated mix. And there’s a lot more to choose from. I’m not limited to only working when I’m feeling creative or inspired, past me has done a large chunk of the work already.

Mixes organised as projects

If you pay close attention, you can start to tell that each playlist can be looked at as a mini project.

Helps alleviate writer’s block

Because I already collected resources in the past, and organised them, I have a lot to choose from when I can’t spontaneously come up with a theme for a mix & curate the tunes. I’ve got a large, well organised backlog to choose from, meaning I just have to show up.


Start with these