Interesting Spotify Tools

  • Discover Quickly - Your interface for music discovery, powered by Spotify.
  • Playlist Manager - Self explanatory
  • Skiley - Organize, discover and manage your tracks and playlists on Spotify. Live lyrics, Discover Daily, playlist sorting, and much more!
  • Setify - doesn’t claim to be 100 percent perfect, but it’ll let you search concerts and gigs by artist, city, or date, then display the set list and convert it into a Spotify playlist. It’ll also inform you if it couldn’t find some songs – either because they were unknown covers or aren’t in the Spotify library.
  • Every Noise - A glance into tracks from ALL genres on spotify.
  • Coverify - Your Spotify playlist deserves something better than a standard boring cover image.

Coverify is a web tool to create yourself artwork, where you can apply different fonts, colors and a ton of images from Unsplash; and upload it directly on Spotify. 🎧 Custom labels; 📷 Custom background from Unsplash API; 🎨 Endless colors and typographies; ⚡️ Update directly on Spotify

  • Genre finder - not spotify only, cool tool nonetheless
  • spicetify-cli - “Commandline tool to customize Spotify client. Supports Windows, MacOS and Linux.”