speedy dubs

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These tracks have been put together keeping an mind an idea you had a direct influence on, which is what makes a good dub techno mix

  • (A good dub techno mix) is varied, mixes in other sounds, such as tighter drums, that way it doesn’t just turn into a mud
  • it helps you appreciate the spaciousness of dub techno by not drowning you in it

So, some of the tracks may not necessarily be dub techno, but I’d fit them into a dub techno set. Such as the Skudge track, that’s Swedish Electronic/Techno, but I think it would play well with dubs.

I’ve divided the highlights below into intro tracks(some may be slightly less than 130bpm), & mid set or peak tracks.

intro/outro tracks

  • Immersion II is just as good.
  • nice moody & long intro track. perfect for the super long gigs.


  • nice blend of minimal dub, & float.