Record labels I like

Some record labels I like, ranging from old and dear, to new stuff from a few days ago:)

Deep House

  • Stay true sounds
  • All Day I Dream: I remember bingeing their releases for quite a while, fun times. I still enjoy the nostalgic feeling some of their releases still give me. Their sound head heavy influence on the direction of the Portable Sunsets playlist.
  • Oh So Coy & Rogue Decibels

Drum n Bass

  • Hospital Records: this label is the one that really cemented my love for the genre. Tony’s podcast was very influencial to the sounds I listen to now.
  • Med School Music: Can’t talk about Hospital Records & leave out the sister label, Med School. A lot of my liquid & neurofunk favourites were discovered here
  • Microfunk: A label I discovered through Hospital Records, as they’re the one’s who introduced me to Bop.

Mixed bag