UX Case Study: Sharing music from streaming platform to Instagram Stories

Why the scope of this case study

  • I curate music
  • I decided ahead of time that I want to share curated music on Instagram stories
  • Most of my music consumption is via streaming platforms (Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, Tidal)

Exploring the intersection between software and music

In a nutshell, it’s self indulgent research, I’m trying to make life easier for myself, reduce the amount of friction I face when I want to share music, also have the end result in a manner that’s easily consumable - that’s why I also care about how the end result looks.

Looking at how software interacts with the world around it

What form/bodies of music do I share?


  • Was the fastest feeling
  • Has a custom UI flow for sharing, and it feels most optimised for sharing to Instagram Stories
  • End result is purely visual, no clickable link to take you straight to the sound, which is a problem for the end user. now I must manually open my music app and search for the song - not good enough.

when I refer to “the user” in these videos, I mean the end consumer, the person I’m curating music for


disclaimer: I worry that my spotify comparisons might not be an accurate representation of the app’s UX, my Spotify library is massive, and I know that contributes to a UI that feels slower in some instances, like waiting for “liked songs” to load takes a while, as theres over 6500 of them.

  • A decent custom flow for sharing
  • Not as fast as Tidal
  • Dedicated share to instagram story
  • End result has a “Play on spotify” option

YouTube music

  • sucks for sharing to IG.


disclaimer: Bandcamp UX is generally quirky & can feel a little dated. But I still can’t help but love it & its flaws. Has a minimalist, “here for the music & not much else” feeling to it.

bandcamp share

  • Can’t share to instagram stories, as it only shares link text
  • No visual element to their sharing
  • Uses default Apple share screen


  • Easy to share to IG stories
  • Feels fast enough
  • Includes a clickable link on the story


  • Visual & audio end result, no clickable link. Becomes sharing just for vibes, because of that