TIL: Sentry

  • PR that adds Sentry to goosebumps.
  • Spans - Useful for measuring the time specific actions take.
  • Breadcrumb - These are a way to leave clues behind, prior to an exception. Anything you think will be helpful when you need to investigate an exception, put it here.
  • Capture Exception - Perhaps the most important thing for me. or anyone else using Sentry for that matter

From JD:

Q: What is an unhandled exception?

A: When an error is thrown, but there’s no code to catch it.


  • An exception that you handle isn’t sent to the dashboard

Things I’ve found helpful

  • user ID tag
  • network requests prior to the crash
  • route/screen name
  • app version number
  • A great way to learn is hands on.
  • Set up sentry in a hobby project, they have a generous free tier, easy to setup, and you have nothing to lose.
  • As an added bonus, I get weekly reports on my NextJS API response times. For free