Music for coding


This post/playlist aggregation is now maintained on the music curation site,

If you need to quickly reach out for music that’s entertaining, but won’t be a distracting whilst working, this is the place to find that. Playlists are in no particular order. the playlists with no curator credited are in-house curated.


Musicforprogramming - a project by datasette, featuring 60 mixes of ambient music. I love everything about this website, and I plan on listening to all the mixes on there.


  • shipwreck detective - Live at Man vs Machine - “An hour and nine-minute performance recorded live in one take for Man vs Maschine - an online global streaming festival created during the COVID-19 pandemic to showcase and connect through experimental music.”


Ambient - distraction free playlist for coding. Electronica - Weird - unbound - root playlist of all my ambient/experimental playlists. Dub Minimal dnb (waterflow + microfunk). August (2020) - mostly chill, multi-genre. Cabin - deep house, chill techno, retired 2019. Deep what? - deep house retired 2019. Lofi - short 10 track lofi hip hop playlist, retired 2019. Techno 2019 - retired root techno playlist. Vanilla Deep - deep house. Techno 2020 - main techno playlist. Liquid dnb - old playlist, please share some liquid 😢. Minimal dnb - Inspired mostly by sounds from Microfunk Music. Intro/Outro tracks - appropriate for opening/closing of mixes. The BeatTape - Knxwledge & frenz - instrumentals, playlist inspred by Knxwledge & FlyLo

Dub Techno - curated by Jimmy Ghaderi. Bop’s Tops - “I choose 10 favourite tracks every month and put them here” - Bop. Microfunk Essentials - Official microfunk / minimal dnb playlist, curated by Bop. Minimal Dub Techno - curated by pokyah (this profile has quite a number of public playlists, good to explore too). Psychedelic Electronic - curated by Benjamin Hasselberg. Bells Ringing In An Empty Sky - multi-genre, big playlist (558 songs at the time of writing), but it may be fun to explore. curated by tylertadlock. Fresh Finds: Experimental - be warned, some tracks may get a bit too intense. curated by Spotify Music for cars, couches + headphones - ambient, experimental music, updated regularly & curated by Dave DK Jon Hopkins: Quiet: " I started building this playlist a few years ago just for myself and friends, as a way of collecting and sharing ambient music I loved. I’ve been using it for meditations and psychedelic journeys for ages. With everything that is happening right now this felt like the right time to make it public" - Jon Hopkins. The Complete B Stank - chill indie music. curated by Brad Stank (there’s more playlists to explore on this profile). Boards of Canada - Music has the right to children - Timeless album, released in 1998, Ambient & Downtempo.


Mixes & Livesets Jams Casino Ricardo Villalobos (Releases, Remixes, Unreleased, Edits) Alina Baraz & Galimaitas - Urban Flora