Personal Development Environment


  • Putting together these bells & whistles teaches me how different programming languages work, how other people build and distribute software. A world that’s slightly different from my day job in web dev. So there’s learning interest
  • An environment where vim motions are a first class citizen


  • nvim - used nvchad as base config
  • lua is the scripting language used to config & setup the neovim env
  • tmux for session management
  • lazy git
  • mason


  • tmux resurrect
  • ensure I’m well setup for react & typescript

Tmux notes

Key Concepts

  • Prefix: keypress combination you need to hit to get tmux’s attention. This can be reconfigured to match preference
  • Vertical split: prefix + %
  • Move around panes prefix + -> or <-
  • Attach to existing session: tmux attach-session -t {session_id}
  • vim
  • Panes
  • Sessions

Move around windows

  • Create new Window: prefix + c
  • Move to next Window: prefix + n
  • Move to previous Window: prefix + a
  • You can also use window number to jump to a specific window. this is where renaming windows is helpful. prefix + 0
  • Close window: prefix + &


  • tmuxifier s here_hugo - to load a session

Vim notes


note to self

how to highlight:

  • v is visual mode

  • Shift v is visual line mode.

  • there’s 3 options to exit insert mode, <esc>, Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + [

  • w & b are compadres

  • use these keys, plus the movements & yankind & pasting stuff I’ve learnt till they feel like second nature.

new commands

  • a puts you into insert mode, think of it as ‘append after where I am’.
  • Shift + i will take you to the beginning of a line
  • Shift + a will take you to the end of a line
  • / puts you into search mode, use n & Shift + n to get around
  • 🤯 * will automatically take you to the next occurence of a word.# does the opposite. also, you can use n or Shift + n to go through your search.
  • $ takes you to end of line.
  • y s a { - allows you to surround around {


  • groovebox colorscheme for vim
  • maybe start to keep my dotfiles in one place? or continue with configs first till it feels comfy
  • vim-galor(repo) - All things vim. maybe a good starting point when setting up neovim again?

configure nvim, packer, lua

plus nightfox theme.

  • Make sure to PackerSync after copying configs from git or the other machine:)
  • Vim bootstrap - a way to generate a .vimrc. This is an alternative to lua, useful if you want to keep things super simple.
  • vimcolorschemes