Past Work


  • Fullstack Product Engineer - with a bias to the frontend
  • Surrounded by very talented people I learnt from everyday. Was a nice ride!
  • Wrote a lot during my time here. With topics ranging from Technical Documentation, RFCs, Code Standards, Design & Architecture, Test strategies, reports from spikes & research efforts, and not to forget the many failed pitches.
  • Education - Maintained an active & well curated Slack channel titled #learning. The idea here was simple, share material I found helpful, to help spread good engineering practice across the company. Sparked lots of insightful conversation, and in my opinion, positive change.
  • Advocacy for DevX, Product Performance, Software Architecture, & Reducing cognitive load associated with software delivery
  • Technical Project Management - I learnt how to breakdown and share a workload with 2-3 people at a time
  • Did lots of refactoring. Long term architecture & re-architecture efforts, and executing those migrations

Sigma Digital.

  • Consultancy environment, I joined as a Frontend Engineer, ended up as a somewhat competent Product Engineer
  • Being at Sigma exposed me to how world class software is created & delivered, I had the pleasure of working with a very talented team Hungerrush
    • Embedded in a Hungerrush team
    • Refactoring & updating styles to new designs, on lots of legacy systems. Had to do lots of CSS hacking, learnt it in good depth during this time
    • Styles
    • Moving from VB to Angular Quorum
    • Helped build a React component Library for the organisation
    • Extended Kendo UI elements
    • Built some from Scratch Sigma internal team
    • Greenfield work
    • Got to witness architecture being designed in real time, around a multi-tenant SaaS app
    • Using NextJS, AWS, Go, & Terraform as our core stack
  • Education - I was an active contributor to all learning related channels in our comms server.


  • Have had the honor of making some contributions to Pro-Search, an open source app started by Bhekani.

  • A Svelte project, introduced me to the simple design patterns encouraged by the framework

  • July 8 ‘22 update: I haven’t contributed here in a while

Consulting for Dataecho

Duties included:

  • Planning
  • Architecture
  • Quality control
  • UX research & design
  • Feature grooming for the dev & design team (3 devs including me, 1 designer)
  • Project management

Do It For The Kids

Started Dec 2019

  • Volunteer work
  • This was my first real world client for web work!
  • I continue to volunteer technical/software expertise for the organisation
  • Have proudly kept emails up for ~3 years with next to no downtime­čśÄ


  • What I’m up to now