DJing: Opening Set

Over time, I’ve come to realise that this is probably my favourite part of a well curated party, from both sides of the deck.

I love playing opening sets. I often joke that “that gives me the excuse to play for longer than you normally would during peak”, and that’s because it’s been true in my experience so far.

Why I love opening so much

The music is usually the chill, lower tempo variation of whatever the event is. Easy going, intimate vibes, before the place is too packed. A lot of the music I listen to also fits right into opening sets. Mood setting music.

Experiencing Opening Sets as a patron

I also enjoy being on the other side, watch how other DJ’s open a party. Feel G recently did a killer opening set for a Headspace party a few weeks ago, and he played for at least 30 minutes to an hour more than the other DJ’s :)

I’m DJ’ing again

  • Recorded a practice session this weekend, lots of fun. Preview of the sounds coming, dub techno, ambient, minimal, dub techno - kicked back sounds.