Pull Requests & WIP

I often open Pull Requests immediately when I start on a task. this allows for:

  • pipeline to write on each commit
  • immutable build & url/live environment for each commit (true with github + vercel or netlify)

every couple of commits, I glance at the pull request on github or bitbucket:

  • check pipelines to see if tests are passing
  • the separate environment means I can review my code as I go. imagine this, I open that PR first thing in the morning after having worked on it the day before, I have a fresh & well rested mind, and often pick up mistakes & do immediate refactors, or finish off that thing I was lazy to do yesterday.
  • It allows for code review as I go. Workmates can pop in as I’m doing my work, leave suggestions & questions, making it more collaborative, and can exposes cases I wouldn’t have considered. Asynchronous pair programming, essentially - useful in a distributed team

Reduces Risk

  • As collaboration & reviews with peers can happen early & often, you’re less likely to sink tens of hours into work that’ll be undone at review time

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