TIL: Obsidian with symlink to a JS repo


  • All of my blogs store content in markdown
  • Version controlled by git
  • Static sites that are published on push to the main branch
  • For the most part, I’ve been writing this content in VSCode
  • The rest of my markdown notes currently live in Obsidian.
    • Work notes
    • A Folder I exported from Bear after a year or so writing in there
    • Daily log
  • Herein lies the problem, I want a unified writing experience. This reduces friction of writing, less switching around apps, and makes it easier to reference and cross pollinate thoughts across the different contexts.

More context: What didn’t work

I have an Obsidian folder that syncs to iCloud, that’s where all the markdown lives. I tried adding 2 javascript repo’s to this directory, and Obsidian broke while trying to index node_modules😂 really should have seen that coming a mile away. I quickly deleted the folder and reset my workspace

Symlink to the rescue

Turns out an easy way to bring those markdown folders from the JS repos is to just symlink them in the iCloud directory that keeps all my Obsidian markdown.

cd directory_with_obsidian_content

ln -s ~/source/blogs/here_hugo/content here_hugo