The idea of a now page was introduced to me by Derek Sivers. There’s many lovely examples on the web of how these pages look.

Think of what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year.


  • Software Engineering for Zulzi
    • Currently working on Checkers' Sixty60 mobile team. Mostly React Native work
  • Trying to build an http-client for the Spotify API using Effect-TS
    • I’ve been slacking on this🥲 in my defense, I’ve been onboarding onto sixty60.

Topics I’m currently obsessed with

curating music

A crucial part of my daily life, I have been actively curating music since almost as far back as memory can take me.

The process is both systemic & free-flowing, and it’s so much fun for me! Crate digging in blog posts, DJ mixes, algorithms, rabbit-holes at 2AM on a Sunday morning, lots of recommendations from friends (this is the source of the highest quality music)

  • Recording and uploading DJ mixes every other Sunday, at sunset.
  • Building & writing music content on