Nesting - Using Environmental cues

Scott Hanselman describes this as nesting. Nesting is the process of creating an environment that’s comfortable, and conducive to productivity, and how that looks can be very different for each person.

Other steps I take to achieve this effect:

  1. Wide primary monitor. Less context switching and constant swinging around of UI shit. I have the things I most need right in front of me
  2. Secondary Monitor: to keep info I need at a glance. Terminal with logs, or Spotify. I like getting some sort of visual of what I’m listening to.
  3. Ergonomic Keyboard, mouse, desk, and chair. Good posture & physical comfort are important to me, I optimise every workspace for this. This is also where PJ’s get thrown into the mix :)
  4. Limited movements in my physical space. My brain is an expert at reaching for distractions, and if there’s someone walking around my space or whatever, my attention will constantly shift to that and I have to consciously bring it back to the task at hand. very ineffective & exhausting

That said, sometimes I like to be properly dressed up, even if I’m still working from home. The act of showering, dressing up, then making food before work can be useful for the context switch to ‘serious mode’

Nesting makes for much more effective pomodoro/flow sessions. Fewer things to distract me from the task at hand.