My week in music (Sunday 4 October)

Portable Sunsets - Ledges πŸ”—

ambient opening/closing

Portable Sunsets - Ledges

I’d totally open a gig with this track, it sets such a mood for jive.

Off The Meds - Wena πŸ”—

swedish electronic zulu vocals

Off The Meds - Wena This is the track that made me think, ‘hmm, maybe I should finally write that piece’. I’m glad these guys are releasing tunes somewhat more often lately.

featuring Jonwayne

Just when I thought I’d exhausted Jonwayne’s discography, I’ve started bumping into projects he’s featured in, and he always leads to some really good producers.

  • Groundislava, Jonwayne, Shlohmo - Shlava πŸ”—

chillwave wonky

Groundislava, Jonwayne, Shlohmo - Shlava

  • Samiyam, Jonwayne - What Can I do πŸ”—

glitch wonky bass Samiyam, Jonwayne - What Can I do

Samiyam - calisthenics πŸ”—

wonky bass glitch

Samiyam - calisthenics

Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm πŸ”—

ambient idm electronica experimental

Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm ‘man, Aphex Twin have weird album covers sometimes’ - My thoughts when I found this track. But they make good shit so whateverπŸ˜‚I just found out this track was released in ‘95 🀯

James Blake - You’re Too Precious πŸ”—

experimental alternative pop indie r&b

James Blake - You’re Too Precious I’m not sure what you’ll feel when you hear this, but you’ll feel something.

Burial - Gutted πŸ”—

classic dubstep future garage idm dub

Burial - Gutted There’s a crazy percussion coming from the right speaker that I fell in love with. This has been a staple in the library for a while.

Yussef Kamal - Mansur’s Message πŸ”—

indie jazz indie soul

Yussef Kamal - Mansur’s Message Okay so I’m cheating a bit, I played this song a lot more last week, but it’s a very noteworthy mention - Took me right back to this jam I found on Youtube a while ago. If anything, start with that track.

My dude kept the straightest face while shredding that guitar to pieces - Youtube comment

Coops - What You Want πŸ”—

uk alternative hip hop

Coops - What You want Quality production πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

SGVO, Dwson - Time πŸ”—

deep house SA almost-but-not-quite-amapiano

SGVO, Dwson - Time SGVO recently dropped an album, it’s been lovely to experience the man level up his sound with each release.