My week in music (Sunday 25 October)

A link to the Spotify playlist.

The first half of the week was spent out & about (chores🙄), so I only really started ‘crate digging’ mid week. Without much of a chance to do too much digging, I found myself leaning on a lot of the sounds produced & curated by BOP.

BOP - Punk’s Not Dead: Ambient Rework🔗

ambient opening/closing BOP - Punk’s Not Dead: Ambient Rework Two noteworthy tracks from this album for me, Extra Eye (feat Elsa Esmeralda), & Odd Meaning(first track in this mix).

Microfunk Podcast 10: Bop, Nuage, Dissident & Microfunk Crew [2017] 🔗

minimal dnb liquid funk

Some noteworthy tracks from the mix:

moving on..

Thomas Fehlmann - Löwenzahnzimmer 🔗

techno thick bass Thomas Fehlmann - Löwenzahnzimmer This whole album is just rich, slowly pulsing, & rhythmic bass. Similar vibes to Claro Intelecto & Andy Stott.

Jaden - Ninety 🔗

alternative hip hop Jaden - Ninety along with a bonus, the electric version.

Machinedrum - A View of U

electronic Machinedrum - A View of U The new Machinedrum album, with tracks spanning across quite a number of genres. A few handpicks:

  • Star liquid dnb
  • Sleepy Pietro dnb - probably my favourite track from the project.
  • 1000 Miles liquid dnb - a track with Sub Focus & Machinedrum would obviously be killer👌 lovely liquid nostalgic feels.

Omar Apollo 🔗

r&b pop Omar Apollo Shoutout to the homie Sindiso for the plug here.

Alfa Mist, Emmavie - Fly Away 🔗

alternative r&b hint of lofi Alfa Mist, Emmavie - Fly Away

Johannes Brecht - Lois 🔗

techno opening/closing Johannes Brecht - Lois I love the crunchy and all up in your face percussion. It still manages to sit so well in the stereo.

|||||||||||||||||||| - Life At Superposition 🔗

electronica idm |||||||||||||||||||| - Life At Superposition this is probably a repeat track, but whatever, lol. It’s still a highlight.

Bonus tracks: Hillzy - Chisikana

The first two tracks from this album have been on rotation since release, quality stuff.