My Week in Music Fri 08 April 22

This week I’ve been an absolute potato in the morning, but I noticed one thing that would consistently bring my energy to the right levels, and bring the day to a start, and that was good music.

New album from Max Cooper

He teased this one on his socials for a while, haha. One or two music videos dropped prior to album release, & the one video introduced me to someone that does generative art. As always with Max, I enjoy majority of this album.

Some videos

Generative AI

  • Step 1: AI + Art
  • Final step: Profit

Lofi Sounds from Tlim Shug

Probably my favourite find this week, a gorgeous & intimate sounding EP from Tlim, with a Lofi house aesthetic. I like every single track on this

Curated by Ralf Gum

I found this track in a mix by Ralf Gum, and just had to get it then. Lovely beat.


Nuage & Benjamin Yellowitz released a ‘Portable sunsets’ sounding EP, was a lovely listen.

Calibre - Double Bend

Calibre been a staple in my dnb playlists for years now, and boy does he keep delivering

Some tunes from Adrian

Man I could make a completely separate post just to cover the music Adrian has shared with me in the last few months. This week, I listened to the album People, Places, & things. Love the drumming in this.

Good music is truly timeless, for a 1997 album, this still sounds very fresh. A blend of jazz, earthy techno, & drum’n’bass.

Telefone Tel Aviv

After listening to the the Telefone Tel Aviv version of Stimming’s Judith Maria, I went on to binge more of the remixer’s tracks, and I was not disappointed.