TIL: Logs N Stuff

use cat to create and write into a file

cat > readme.txt
This is the readme.txt file.
look what you done
  • press ctrl + d to save & exit

Modifying folder git config

So, just som egeneral housekeeping, needed a the repo with this site to use my personal git details, and not the global ones. Had to edit the repo’s git config

  • ./git/config - notice how this file has no extension

Linux envsubst command & what you can use it for

The envsubst program substitutes the values of environment variables. src

Helm - Kubernetes package manager

Shifting left on security in the SDLC

  • SDLC definitition: Software Development Life Cycle


A way to centralise, parse, transform logs from all sorts of places


Rsyslog is a syslog forwarding facility.

Service Mesh

A way for services to communicate with each other.

  • Service Mesh sidecar proxies are a thing. They’re what hijack the requests coming in & out of the pod

Service-to-service communication is what makes microservices possible.

Dedicated infrastructure layer for service to service communication

  • This layer comes with a bunch of features we can opt into, without having to write extra code. Features such as:
    • Auth between services
    • TLS & auto rotation of certificates
    • Metrics & logging: requests per second, latency, and more?
    • Retry logic
    • Auto backoff
  • configured in a yamlfile

Check out

  • Linkerd
  • Istio