Integration resources

Some of the stuff I'll share is the kind of thing Platform would be responsible for, but I think it'll help to have an appreciation of their workflows & responsibility.

Get an AWS account

I definitely recommend you create a personal AWS account, that way you can properly follow along with the tutorials & quickly prototype/test your own ideas, without being coupled to the backend team. Set aside approx 30 minutes to create & have your account fully functional.

Big picture

Amplify is only part of the picture, having an appreciation of what it’s using under the hood will go a long way. Includes, but not limited to:

  • Appsync
  • Cognito
  • DynamoDB

That’s why I’ve included re



Our most used video resource was Nader Dabit, and they were pretty helpful & to the point.

Youtube playlist with AWS stuff

Blogs & articles

Other useful bits around the site