How to deliver curated playlists

After compiling your playlist on your streaming platform of choice, distributing it is the next hurdle, and thanks to these services, it’s not an impossible on to jump over.

I have the process split into two steps:

  1. Converting the playlist from your platform of choice, to the rest of them. (eg from Spotify to Apple music, Deezer, YouTube, & more).
  2. Creating a smart link & landing page.

Converting the playlist

Soundiiz has been my service of choice for this. The one big con I’ve experienced using Soundiiz is that the free plan has a limited number of playlists it can keep in sync.

That limit is a whooping 1. That limit is a whooping 1.

That aside, it’s an amazing product, and the free plan will be sufficient for most users, I think.

Smart link & landing page

This step allows you to do some analytics, and it ties together all the converted playlists into a presentable bundle for your listener.

Whilst writing this, I’ve just noticed that Soundiiz has a smart link & landing page feature, but I haven’t tried it yet.

What I’ve tried is Toneden, and I’ve had nothing but good experience. Toneden has been in the game for a while, and is still worth a look, especially if you want to create landing pages for more than just your playlists.


That’s it, you can now reach a wider audience. and since you made it to the end, here’s the landing page for the last playlist I shared with Soundiiz & Toneden.

Oh, I can also embed it: