Guided Music

better way to share curated music
  • draw inspiration from the spotify design website
  • CMS driven
    • comments are a crucial part of the thing - need a markdown editor
    • this will have to take genre’s too
    • should be able to query via graphql
  • spotify api driven
  • can include a now playing section
  • sharing by genre is a big one
  • should be able to do editorial thing like band camp articles.
    • could use MDX for this?
  • homepage can have featured playlists the same way goosebumps used to have
  • a way to share mixes too eventually
  • plus bandcamp too eventually


  • a better way to present curated music
  • maybe an opportunity to practice how to use sagas for state management
  • opportunity to flex my design skills by building something sleek & very visually appealing
  • think of how to improve on the experience for curated music
  • storytelling, through music


  • sleek
  • sassy(SaaSy, you know, that design feel🥸)


  • storybook for the components, to do testing & all
  • Typescript
  • tailwind for styles, maybe daisy too?
  • images are a big part of this, look into optimizing them. first iteration will use spotify api for images though
  • nextjs api to handle data hydration of the components
  • redux sagas


  • graphql-request


  • I could also eventually create a react native or iOS app that interfaces with the GraphCMS api, this is in the interest of an improved mobile experience, and also an excuse to build a mobile app, lol.


define action objects, & dispatch them

persistent layout in nextjs