TIL: Value & Pointer Receivers in Go

Receivers allow you to associate a method with a type, and they come in two flavors: value receivers and pointer receivers. - Sidharthan Chandrasekaran Kamaraj

Here is an example of a simple type with a method that has a receiver:

package main

import "fmt"

type Message struct {
    Content string

// value receiver
func (m Message) Display() {

func main() {
    msg := Message{"Hello, World!"}
    msg.Display() // Calling the method on the Message instance

In this example, the Display method is associated with the Message type by having a receiver of type Message. This allows us to call the Display method on a Message instance, like msg.Display().

Value vs Pointer receiver

  • A value receiver will run its operations on a copy of the instance
  • While a pointer will operate on the actual instance associated

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