DJ Mix - Goosebumps mix #33

Put together in Ableton Live, interesting challenge, to put the hardware down & mix using only software, hadn’t done that in a long long time.


  1. 6 Deep Breaths kwajbasket
  2. ‘Crosswind’ Fletcher
  3. BOA Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes
  4. TRACK ONE Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes
  5. I Cannot Touch ovïd
  6. Fitness ft. Maxime Robillard Car Culture
  7. Longius Astrum Vril
  8. Manium Vril
  9. Miles Kvndra - Restoring Petite Victory Collective MNNW
  10. Kindly Spoken Thieves - Arrows Petite Victory Collective
  11. Isolation Mindset kwajbasket

Ambient Guitar Playlist

Kwajbasket Features in this playlist quite a bit :)