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DJ Mix - Goosebumps mix #32

Posted on Jun 5, 2022
description: Here's a mix for you...Spanning across minimal dnb, dubstep, experimental, house, techno

Note for the househeads

First 58 minutes is dnb & experimental sounds


  1. Hermitage - Konduku White Heron
  2. Belki - Konduku White Heron
  3. Scrumpy - Geode, Congi & B9 Deep Heads Dubstep Vol.1
  4. U Hurt Me - Burial
  5. Teenage Birdsong (Overmono Remix) - Four Tet
  6. Srain - Opiate - While You Were Sleeping
  7. Quiet Wanderer Sorse Quiet Wanderer EP
  8. Ingenue (Synkro Remix) Jono McCleery Ingenue
  9. Electrosoul System “Morning Forest (Bop Remix)” Electrosoul System KOSMOS030DGTL Electrosoul System “Fish Eat Duck Remixed EP. The Album Sampler”
  10. Kozmic Flush Skee Mask ITLP04 - Compro
  11. The Spaceape feat. The Spaceape Burial Burial
  12. Vertigo Om Unit Submerged
  13. Mongoose Oak Lost Dubs 2
  14. The Grey Goo Scenario datassette Sentinel
  15. Stress Awo Ojiji Mantecatura EP
  16. Dam (Felix K Reinterpretation) DJRum Dam (Remixes)
  17. Fluctuation Microfunk Crew Sick Music 3
  18. Pinwheel QZB & GLXY Together with Ukraine
  19. Kolo (feat. Blu Mar Ten) Sunchase The Truth EP
  20. Space Shagging Move D Pandemix Live Jams Vol. 3
  21. Move D - Inside The Freero Dome smallville records
  22. From A Distance smallville records Smallville 12 - STL - Silent State
  23. Bilateral Emotions Schulz Audio Warm Shapes 05
  24. Feel4Me Matt Prehn Ft. Griffin
  25. Camber Fletcher ‘Mechanical Garden’ (MOSAIC DTL01)
  26. Clear Your Mind Bop Clear Your Mind
  27. Cookie Man Cioz Lucky Man
  28. Red Room (Nick Hakim Remix) Hiatus Kaiyote Mood Variant (The Remixes)