DJ Mix - Goosebumps mix #31

Another video recording :)

This mix was recorded in between coding sessions, I fixed something I’d been stuck on for 2 hours, and needed to rest😅So I just pressed play & recorded.

Also, I think I’m giving up on trying to get the audio & video to sync perfectly, haha.


  1. Hover from Constance Dubs by Grey Deer
  2. Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Laurel Halo, Heinrich Köbberling - CHAPTER 4 (Beatport)
  3. Longius Astrum from Anima Mundi by .Vril
  4. Infiltration from Environment by Liuos
  5. Smile by Rhythm & Sound (Boomkat) - This album’s considered a classic by the dub techno community. Done by the same person responsible for track #2
  6. Eventide by Studio OST
  7. Reflection I (Reshaped by Atheus) by Intrusion - Shervaan shared this 💪🏾
  8. Indigo by Monolake (Boomkat)
  9. Gradual by Ajnkana
  10. Post from Warehouse Sessions by Claro Intelecto
  11. Fjara by Quatri
  12. VOODUB 1 from VOODUB EP by Star_Dub
  13. No Partial by Rhythm & Sound (Boomkat)
  14. Crosswind by Fletcher - A modern classic, this album. Was shared by T. What a thumping tune

Shout out to François K

For reminding me that it’s okay to play whatever I feel like, when I do - and for showing that with the right crowd, its a sustainable thing to do.