DJ Mix - Goosebumps mix #30

My first video recording

Quite proud of this one. Spent a few hours trying to perfectly sync up the audio & video, because technical difficulties, lol. Quickly gave up on that & decided to upload as is, perfect it over time instead, over multiple attempts & uploads.

This recording was my first time playing most of these tunes, was pretty fun.

Tools used

  • Phone for video, plus a $10 tripod
  • Rekordbox & Pioneer DDJ 400 for audio
  • iMovie to bring the two together

Pretty minimal setup, I can take this almost anywhere ;)


  1. Tied from Rupt and Flex (1994 - 96) by Seefeel
  2. Initiator from CNVXLP001 - Passes L​.​P by Mikarma - Found this in the Synkro’s ethereal appearance on mixmag i. Paranoid Society - Qunabu22 from [PCMS016] Anomalous Fragments by Pinecone Moonshine - probably another tune I got from Synkro
  3. Nathnennia by Sunchase
  4. Forms, Ideas and Chips by Bop
  5. Vanguard by DB1
  6. Slowly by Sunchase
  7. Searching the truth by Bop - Bop is one of my favourite dnb artists, and curator. Found so many nice tunes from him over the years
  8. Who are you by Dub Phizix - that whole fabriclive release a modern classic, in my eyes
  9. Mindless by Prequel Tapes & dBridge (PTdB)

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Synkro @mixmag

Synkro will make his Lab LDN debut to help shine the light on his fantastic debut album ‘Changes’. His solo EPs have ranged between the more idyllic side of Boards Of Canada’s IDM to the minimal bass of dBridge and ASC and his debut album leans more towards the latter, with analogue synths and digitalised snares used to create whats rapidly becoming his signature futuristic depth.

I had this mix on repeat for a while, thoroughly enjoyed it & recommend.

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this playlist is one of those corners of the internet I enjoy:)

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