Flow state

  • I’m most effective with large blocks of uninterrupted time, because of that, it may seem like I’m not a fan of meetings, and will opt for async communication as default. This seems to work well when paired with ad-hoc meetings
  • I do not like to multi-task, context switching is expensive for me as it takes quite some effort for me to transition into a task. While I have gotten better at it, I still tend to stay away. That’s why I like to start and take tasks to completion before taking on new stuff.
  • Context switching requires re-loading state into your brain - this is just the cognitive load associated with task switching

Notifications off by default


  • I don’t expect myself to write much code on meeting heavy days, because I know meetings sap quite a bit of energy out of me, and fragment the day into unusable time chunks for me.
    • Coupled with the fact that context switching can be quite expensive for me