Flow of Value through a system


Here are all the atomic notes that eventually came out of this:

successful teams are organised around flow. Flow of information, flow of requirements, flow of value from concept to customer. You want to design your information structures in a way that facilitates the flow of information & valueJames Lewis

First Draft

LOL at how old this note is, I’ve been thinking of how to package this for 4 months+ now! I’ve decided to leave the first draft as is.

  • James Lewis
  • Dan North’s description of lead time
  • Paul’s insights on PR’s. They’re the closest thing to value, how that ties into lead time
    • leave all your work to push teammates PRs. how they’re more valuable than WIP
  • How limiting WIP feeds into this
    • John Cutler has some opinions on this
    • Less context switching
  • Accelerate also has some highlights on the topic
  • Timm Stelzer - ultimately, we sell acceptance criteria

End of first draft