Dub Techno Staples

There’s a reason why people always mention Deepchord, Fluxion etc when we talk about dub techno. These have become staple names in the genre, and for good reason, in my opinion.

Deepchord - Wind in trees

The song that made me think of writing this post in the first place

Fluxion - Parallel Moves

Listeing to this album for the first time, while publishing this note.

Dub monitor - A Brief Tour of Ambient Dub Techno

“I feel a little bit guilty always talking about Basic Channel in every video, but the truth is that even today, the entire genre essentially has its roots in their work

I couldn’t agree more. My point is there’s a reason why these artists get so much of that respect.

Awesome video with weeks' worth of music shared, do give it a look if you love this sound ✌