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Posted on May 16, 2022
description: Here's a playlist for you...Some minimal techno, garage, IDM, and friends.
tl;dr: The bandcamp links are where you can buy the tracks if you want the uncompressed music files.

Testpilot has been active for a long long time

This track is from 2006, and it sounds like the Testpilot I know today.

A Muted Radiance. by Altstadt Echo

Altstadt Echo is the host of Dub Monitor, & he’s a remarkable curator.

A Muted Radiance is a 3 track EP that couldn’t have had better timing. I’ve been exploring the intersection between drum&bass and dub techno. That intersection usually lands you in IDM territory, & there’s some good stuff brewing in there.

Hard hitting minimal techno

A solid two track EP.

A lovely blend of garage/techno/dubstep

The kind of stuff that Burial is made of:)

Neon City by Wet Basement

Some top-shelf acid sounds in here

Some ambient & technoey stuff