Ideal collaboration UX for music apps

Basically asked me what features would make collaboration on a music streaming app an overall better experience for me.

This is my attempt at basic UX research, trying to identify the problems worth solving.

Soundcloud comments

  • I like the core UX of soundcloud comments on a track.
  • The comments are time stamped
  • Can do commentary as you listen to a track or a mix etc. Svenio once asked for feedback on a mix of his, and I easily made time-stamped comments.
  • This can also provide listening prompts (for active listening sessions)

Desktop screenshot

Soundcloud comments desktop screenshot

Mobile screenshot

After long pressing on a comment

Soundcloud comments mobile screenshot

Shared Ownership of playlists

  • Spotify is a good example of this, and the only one I’ve used somewhat extensively
  • Please share any other apps that support this :)
  • It’s easy to identify who added a track to a playlist, because avatar & name

The mobile experience is also gets the job done well

  • To be able to comment on playlists would be nice

Messaging within the platform

  • A way to share playlists and stuff within the platform, in a DM or group like setting.
  • Makes for contextual conversations
  • Again, soundcloud is a good example of this. The music player is also embedded in the chat, meaning you can play from directly in there
  • Only a desktop experience though. Mobile is essential for this sort of thing, it’s important to be able to collaborate on the go.

Soundcloud messaging UX

What would collaboration ideally look like for you?

  • Shoot me an email, or tweet - any feedback would go a long way😄



  • “I have music in different places but want one single app for all my music that supports all services/sources”