Notes: Managing Client Relationships

These notes were taken from the comment section

huge thanks to Sevilla

Building Skills

  1. Find somebody who’s really good at what you want to achieve, and learn from them.
  2. Put ego aside when you are shadowing them.
  3. Skills are not innate, they are learnt.

Client Management

  1. Take the opportunity to build a strategic client relationship beyond contracted work scope.
  2. Be opportunistic, and aim to be a go-to for clients.
  3. Get them talking.
  4. What clients value more than analysis is solutions and creative workarounds.
  5. Uphold credibility and put the client first.
  6. Be realistic about work-life balance - it is a competitive industry.
  7. Positivity is contagious. Be upbeat.
  8. Learn the jargon. Take classes in business and law to improve competency.