Best Beats TV Favourites

Some of my favourite deep house sounds from over the years. Some of them are recent favourites too.


Some of these mixes aren’t actually from best beats tv.

Shervaan Bergsteedt

  • Shervaan & Soulcentric in one mix🙌🏾 timeless favourite.

2lani The Warrior

DJ Do-me

Just started listening to this now, while writing this, and damn son 🔥


Maestro behind the decks🙌🏾

Scotch Flavio, Kat La Kat & 2SMAN


I heard a track by Olaf Stuut in this mix. Fka Mash might be the person who introduced me to Olaf:)

  • Fun fact, I’ve probably listened to every mix by this dude on the internet😂


Jullian Gomes

Ralf GUM & Sir LSG


Super fun putting this together

Haven’t listened to a lot of these mixes in years, so this has been a lovely nostalgic trip:)