Backend - What I've Been Up To

  • design patterns, interesting time to pick them up, easier to understand now that I have more hours of actual coding under my belt.

  • bored of the azure course, so i’m moving on from there

  • considering node for a few weeks

    • get more backend experience with node before experimenting with golang?
    • Bakani has suggested i look into nest.

    it uses decorators like in Angular to do some of the trivial stuff like generating swagger documentation. That for me is the biggest win

    And there’s better architecture for your code because you separate features into modules etc

  • set up a hugo blog that ive been playing with(this site), exposing me to a bit of golang

from shaun, the wizard 🧙‍♂️

  • aws is first preference, all the way
  • gcp only if you’re using firebase and frontend stuff
  • dynamo db
  • a comment on design patterns - reactive extensions
    • rx, observer pattern, angular’s basically been built on it.

looking forward

some resources

yet to look into:


  • look into choreography(event-based) vs orchestration(comman-based)