Audience of One


Consider this a continuation of writing retro for Q1. Writing strategy for 2024 will also be an interesting read.

For months (approaching 12 at this point), I’ve been living under the pressure of “I’m not writing as much as I want to”. I recently interrogated this feeling, which I felt wasn’t serving me anymore (if ever).

I figured if I can answer the question “What’s the goal behind my writing anyway?”, then I can come up with metrics to measure what “writing enough” looks like.

Because this whole time I’ve just been operating on feelings, “ooo yeah I’ve done a decent amount of writing these last two weeks”, “this week’s been quiet, I don’t like that”. There hasn’t been an actual measure

Audience of one

There’s something to be said about the practicality of this

Retro on: Weekly LinkedIn post

This is a retro from my journal. I don’t usually post these, but this is related and valuable to note in a shared space.

I woke up once and decided “it’d be nice to share something from my site on the very professional networking site, Linkedin.” What happens next will shock you

  • Lost steam after a 3 or 4 week streak
  • Maybe the fact that I had no content plan ahead of time contributed to stopping. I just write what resonates, when it pops up.
  • And this initiative wasn’t really attached to any specific goal, or one that had been explicitly stated.
  • I did start conversations with a few new faces though, RE my writing. That’s always fun
    • None related to the posting though, one from twitter, one from google?
  • Hate it or love it, this remains a useful tool for ‘increasing your luck surface area’