Book Notes: Accelerate

  • difference between organisations taking on a maturity model vs a capabilities model

culture & devops

this book highlighted to me, the importance of culture in order for an organisation’s devops efforts to succeed.

culture can be a bit of a buzzword, and is inherently a subjective term, but it is ‘quantified’ well in the book.

Summarised by Gijis & Marcin

Things you want to optimize & improve on, for more effective software delivery


  • fast from dev to prod
  • trunk based dev
  • ci
  • immutable, containerized build - enables fast rollback, and maybe other benefits, that I’m not yet aware of

feedback (everything after you’ve deployed the code):

  • fully automated testing
  • monitoring, alerting, logging
  • code scan, OWASP check
  • shift left of risk

culture :

  • eng culture
  • learning organization (Google 20% mastery time)
  • post mortems