2024 Q1 Writing Retro

Overall: Messy process

The process has been a little messy for a while, mostly because using multiple note taking apps.

  • Notion
  • 3 markdown repos in VSC*ode, goosebumps, this blog, and the notes repo from work.
  • Bear for markdown on Apple devices. Very lovely sync
  • Apple notes for all sorts
  • At some point, obsidian too because the homies peer pressured me😂
  • This is being written in Github mobile. I’m not at home

Simplified & Current workflow

the workflow at the moment might stick.

For stuff that I know I’m happy having public, I go straight to writing markdown files in the repo. This is to reduce the number of steps it takes to go from thought to publish.

Helper scripts

Quick Capture

Apple notes is mostly for journaling, meeting notes, and handwritten notes. it’s what I use as my brain dump, or when I don’t have a laptop next to me but need to quickly capture a thought.

Obsidian experiments

I’ve been experimenting with bring it back into my workflow though (the messy bits I mentioned.)


What can I improve or double down on

  • This note continues here.