2022 Learning Summary

An answer Jason’s question “What did you learn in 2022?”


  • I’m 6 months into working for a product company, the longest I’ve spent doing daily work on a single product
  • Software architecture & refactoring works are ongoing. There’s never really a start or stop date
  • Let your customers outgrow you

Product Books


  • MTTR > MTBF - Optimising Mean Time To Recovery is more important than trying to minimise Mean Time Between Failures.



Organisation Design

It seems this topic is pretty closely related to software architecture.

Organisation Design Books

Cognitive Load

A topic related to organisation design & architecture. Learning about cognitive load theory was pretty insightful, applicable to many areas of life.

This idea was introduced to me by James Lewis while discussing his experience & research on Team Topologies, software architecture, & complexity science.


User Experience continues to be a topic of interest. 2022 observations focused on the UX music apps mostly.

I wrote about dark patterns

Some stuff I read